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The early bird

Phoenix Datacom, established in 1984, helps its clients to make security measures resilient, and ensure their networks and applications are always ready to deliver. “Due to the solutions and services we provide to many household names, the chances are that Phoenix Datacom is involved in the enabling and optimisation of many of your daily life activities, such as phone calls, internet browsing, video consumption and financial transactions,” says John Carson, Managing Director.

The firm has won awards from its vendor partners in recognition of the technical competence of its engineers and for consistently exceeding business growth targets. Phoenix also conducts extensive technical and sales training for staff, and sponsors business-to-business IT Technical Salesperson (level 3) training for its business development graduates. It also has Cyber Essentials Plus certification.

As a network performance and security company, Phoenix Datacom has been well placed to help its customers adapt to the new normal of working life.

Its Cyberlab, which lets customers see how solutions will work in their unique environments and scenarios, has really come into its own. For example, it has enabled customers to see in advance how homeworking and new business applications will affect their firewalls’ performance. The firm has also made it easier for customers to test and access their resources from any location. This is particularly valuable when security tool software updates need to be carried out and tested. And through deception technology, Phoenix Datacom is helping customers to cut through the ‘cyber-noise’ and remove targeted attacks before they can cause harm, which is particularly helpful at a time when working from home means cybercrime opportunities have greatly increased.