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Fortius Clinic

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Fortius Clinic was launched in 2009 by a group of 12 specialists who set out to create a centre of excellence in the field of orthopaedic and musculoskeletal (MSK) healthcare. After 11 years of organic growth, Fortius is now the largest single group of orthopaedic and MSK consultants in Europe, with more than 80 world-class specialists, and ranks among the top 20 orthopaedic groups in the world. It operates three outpatient sites in central London, as well as the Fortius Surgical Centre and a Joint Replacement Centre in partnership with Bupa Cromwell Hospital.

The company’s outpatient clinics provide consultations, diagnostic scans and interventional radiology services. Patients are treated by sub-specialists who cover the full range of orthopaedics, including hip, knee, groin, shoulder, foot, ankle, spine, hand and wrist, podiatry and pain conditions.

Fortius takes care of more elite athletes than any other MSK provider in Europe and is an accredited FIFA centre of excellence, making it a destination of choice for many footballers from the UK and beyond. But Chief Executive Jim McAvoy stresses that the clinic’s services are for everyone. “We enable people to live a life free from pain and injury,” he explains. “Whether they are an elite athlete, an amateur sportsperson, a city professional or a retired individual, we get people back to doing what they do best.”

An increasing focus in the industry is the move towards a value-based healthcare model, where payments are based on patient outcomes. This requires the collection and analysis of data, an area where Fortius is ahead of the curve. “I am passionate about new technology and how it can improve the quality of products and services,” says Jim.

This harnessing of technology extends to human resources; the company uses an online talent assessment tool to help to build better individual and team understanding and chemistry, as part of its commitment to continuous improvement.