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Avalon Metals Ltd, trading as Wye Valley Metals, is a metal and trade waste recycling business that runs the single largest waste recycling facility in Herefordshire. The company serves clients throughout the UK, including coverage to 90% of Network Rail’s infrastructure. Sustainability is of utmost importance to Wye Valley Metals and it operates at over a 99.5% recycling recovery rate, with less than 0.5% of waste going to landfill.

Wye Valley Metals is part of the Wye Valley Group of businesses, including Wye Valley Demolition Ltd, Wye Valley Skips Ltd, Warehouse 701 Ltd, and Hereford Quarries Ltd. This has created a synergic group covering waste management, recycling and the supply of reclaimed building materials.

The waste recycling industry is greatly dependent on global developments and is sensitive to changes in the UK and international markets. Wye Valley Metals is continually looking for ways to be less susceptible to outside forces, by producing higher added value products through investment in plant and infrastructure, and subsequently seeking new and niche destinations for its products. This includes being active as new markets develop when the latest consumer products reach their end-of-life cycle: products such as solar panels, electric cars and the latest TV screens require new handling techniques and processing requirements. “When legislative requirements change, the challenge is to be early to identify these changes, differentiating ourselves from our competitors,” says Gavin Pettigrew, Quality Manager of Wye Valley Metals.

Another key focus area for the group is its personnel. “We continually invest in our team’s training and development. The spread of knowledge through the company and enthusiasm of all employees creates a sound basis to grow the business.”