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With the appetite for sustainability on the rise, complying with environmental regulation is more important than ever. That’s where Clarity Environmental steps in. Founded in 2002, the company works with a range of sectors to help businesses reduce their impact on the environment and meet their legal obligations.

Clarity Environmental initially began trading in packaging recovery notes (PRN) – the evidence of recycling needed by packaging producers to comply with the regulations – but the business experienced rapid growth. “Our PRN trading division remains a core part of our business, but we’ve diversified into other areas within our sector, and our business today offers a range of environmental compliance, recycling and recovery services,” says David Honcoop, Managing Director of Clarity Environmental.

Public awareness of plastics and packaging waste is at a high point in its history, and consumers have become increasingly hostile towards excessive and hard-to-use packaging. Together with imminent updates in legislation, the packaging industry is facing unprecedented change. “We pride ourselves on our ability to evolve in the face of external challenges and, as our business has expanded, we have been able to adapt our services. By understanding the needs of our customers and the external forces impacting their businesses – and by increasing resources and expertise – we have developed additional services to support our customers,” says David.

As the business has grown, Clarity Environmental has placed increased focus on staff development. Working in a specialist industry, internal staff progression is essential. “Our successful personal development programme has enabled us to take staff from newcomers to managerial positions in just a few years.” Another positive impact of the business’s growth is the ability to give back through its Clarity Cares charity committee, which has seen more than £100,000 donated to good causes since 2018, says David.