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The Lakes Distillery

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Surrounded by the stunning mountains and waters of the Lake District, The Lakes Distillery embraces every element of the whisky making process in order to offer consumers the highest quality. After £18m of investment, 10 years of development and five years of spirit creation, the company released The Whiskymaker’s Reserve No. 1 in September 2019. This was the first in a series of single malt whiskies that will showcase the company’s sherry-led whisky technique.

The Lakes Distillery believes that a top-tier team is essential to the production of the finest whiskies. Whiskymaker Dhavall Gandhi is actively involved at every stage of the process – an approach not taken by all distilleries. “It’s only by understanding how flavours are created throughout the spirit’s journey through the distillery that you can fully comprehend flavour possibilities,” explains Nigel Mills, the company’s co-founder and CEO.

Knowledge about whisky is increasing, with enthusiasts interested in sophisticated flavour experiences that are achieved through authentic processes. The Lakes Distillery focuses on flavour and quality every step of the way, and this approach has brought a dedicated customer base as well as industry awards and recognition. The distillery was named one of the 2019 whisky ‘Brands to Watch’ by The Spirits Business, and the World Whisky Day campaign named it “one of the eight distilleries to visit before you die” in both 2018 and 2019.

With The Lakes Distillery only going from strength to strength, Nigel has sound advice for anyone starting a company. “If you don’t have a mentor, find one. Some 70% of businesses with a mentor survive at least five years, compared with only 35% without.”