GAIL’s Bakery Bread Holdings

GAIL’s Bakery Bread Holdings

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Bread and butter

From a small craft bakery out of two garages 18 years ago, with no food accreditation but a reputation for baking, GAIL’s Bakery now owns 63 bakery sites in London and the South East, with three additional sites planned for opening before March 2021. GAIL’s is a neighbourhood bakery specialising in craft baking, serving 150,000 customers a week, and together with its wholesale arm, The Bread Factory, employs 1,850 people.

Not only selling to the consumer through its local bakeries, the GAIL’s team works with local producers to bring baking to retail customers daily in 100 Waitrose stores, Ocado nationally and Amazon Fresh. The Bread Factory started baking nearly 30 years ago and currently serves around 1,500 customers per day.

The biggest opportunity for GAIL’s as a craft producer and seller is the change in the public’s view of food. “People today are much more interested and engaged in what they eat than they were when we first started, and a big challenge was for people to understand why it was worth spending a bit more for chef-quality premium food and baking. We understood that you needed an authentic and trusted brand to stand behind craft baking and make the case,” says Tom Molnar, CEO and co-founder of GAIL’s Bakery Bread Holdings.

COVID-19 has impacted its business through greater hygiene requirements and relocation of demand, and to address these changes it has introduced new products to make sure its offer remains premium and relevant. It has also moved online and expanded its digital offer to include not only catering, but also home delivery and click and collect, and continues to grow following its strategy of locating in neighbourhoods where people live and are increasingly working.

“We recommitted to our core mission to be the neighbourhood baker, and bakers feed their communities,” says Tom.