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Helping colleagues stay socially distant and building Ocado’s grocery robots are just two of Tharsus Group’s projects. Based in Blyth, Northumberland, Tharsus Group comprises Tharsus Limited, a maker of Strategic Machines, which helps companies apply technologies to solve their strategic automation challenges, and Universal Wolf, a disruptor in the complex sheet metal fabrication industry.

Ocado is a good example of the power of a Strategic Machine. Ocado realised the need of customers to have groceries ordered, a solution that was not provided by any of its competitors. Its solution was a platform of robots picking groceries on a grid-like structure, quicker than a human. The company partnered with Tharsus to manufacture these robots.

The Universal Wolf brand replaced the Tharsus Engineering brand of the 1960s to support a new disruptive strategy to capitalise on market trends – “namely a lack of diversity within the metal fabrication market and a challenge around offering a scalable manufacturing solution for customers”, says Brian Palmer, CEO of Tharsus Group.

As COVID-19’s grip tightened, Tharsus Group realised protecting the global economy would be critical to overcoming the crisis, and the key to this would be getting people back to work. It has created Bump, a personal motion system designed to help people understand the way they move around a workplace and when they interact. The system is a combination of wearable devices and data management. It gives an immediate warning to wearers if they get too close, and generates management information to improve safety and business performance.
“In 12 weeks, from initial idea we took to market a social distancing system, which could be quickly and widely deployed to support our own business and thousands of others by bringing people back to work safely,” says Brian. For Bump, Tharsus Group won a Royal Academy of Engineering President’s Special Award for Pandemic Service.