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Music to my ears

Connecting the world’s leading artists with their beloved fans, Sandbag is a full-service merchandise company with offices in the UK and Los Angeles. Established in 2002, it has since grown organically and now employs more than 70 people. The founders of Sandbag are Grammy award winners who started the company as friends first and were cautious about their growth strategy, including recruitment. “As owners, we invested everything back into the company. With knowledge, experience and some great advice along the way we learnt to recruit the right talent in order to grow the business,” says Mel Maxwell, Director of Sandbag.

The company works with some of the world’s most respected and influential artists, including Radiohead and Blink-182, and it creates merchandise products for retail, licensing, global touring and e-commerce campaigns, as well as creating, selling and managing VIP ticketing packages.
One of the pinnacle moments in the company’s life so far has been its expansion into the US in 2013. “There are far more artist managers based in Los Angeles than anywhere else. Being an independent British-headquartered company with our particular heritage and client base has been seen to be a breath of fresh air compared to corporate-owned competitors,” says Mel.

The music industry has been heavily impacted by technology, with the advent of streaming music services and the decline of physical music retailers on the high street. However, Sandbag sees this as an important opportunity to connect fans with their favourite artists. “This has rightly emphasised the need for companies, such as Sandbag, to provide fans with beautiful and collectable physical products alongside exceptional service,” says Mel.