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Heads Together

Established in 2000, 1000heads has always recognised the importance of social and digital marketing in its own right. The company knows how important word of mouth is to brands – and realised that the rise of social and digital media would only further reinforce this.

Today, with brands having caught up to this vision, the company finds it is in high demand. The company now has six global offices and 170 employees. It has seen particular growth of late in North America, where it has doubled in size in the past three years and recently established a presence on the West Coast.

“More and more brands are wanting to put social and digital at the heart of their marketing strategy rather than a ‘bolt-on’ to a traditional media approach,” says Mike Davison, CEO of 1000heads. “This trend has enabled 1000heads to grow from a niche channel specialist to a lead strategic partner with major global brands.”

1000heads helps its clients to adapt to the ever-changing tech and culture landscape. Delivering social-first data, creative and strategic consultancy services, and insight, it advises clients such as Google, UNIQLO and The North Face. The company is committed to always creating work that treads new ground for its clients and aims to transform the way brands talk and are talked about.

Of course, 1000heads has had to adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic and new customer needs created by it. “There has been a refocusing of client priorities towards investing further in social platforms and technologies. The pandemic has driven even faster (and broader) adoption of social across society,” explains Mike. “Whatever the sector, all our clients have looked to us for strategic support and to adapt their communications strategies to reflect what’s happening. Right now, the order of the day is being prepared for anything and to expect the unexpected.”