Team 17

Team 17

Company information

  • Sector: Video Games Publishing
  • Region: Yorkshire and The Humber
  • Revenue: £6m to £10m
  • Website:

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Team 17 might, in shorthand, be described as a video games company, but that does not begin to describe the breadth of its activities and the strategic way it has expanded over time to offer services to other computer games developers. It now describes itself as a video games ‘publishing label’ for third party studios around the world, in addition to creating original games for PC, console, mobile and handheld devices and other digital platforms.

Paul Bray, Finance and Operations Director, attributes the company’s success to a “solid combination of strategic thinking, effective recruitment, planning and hard work”.

“Network like a lunatic! Look for the risks in your business and then work them out of your business”

Paul Bray, Finance and Operations Director, Team 17

It has been a phenomenal formula to capitalise on the ever-expanding video games industry and Team 17 has spotted opportunities to broaden its operations every step of the way.

“Emerging digital and mobile technologies have allowed access to a larger audience for video games and have therefore created a whole new generation of video gamers,” says Paul.

“In addition to developing our own games, we now publish other independent developers’ games too, leveraging the knowledge and experience we have gained publishing our own products over the past 25 years.”

Paul says Team 17 has disrupted the traditional video game publishing model by adding its unique technical and developmental skills to assist other games companies.

  • 25 – The number of years’ experience the company has publishing video games

“We help where our partners are technically (or, due to lack of resources) unable to make all parts of their games. We provide a support mechanism to assist our partners in all business aspects that are new to them. So, we are not a typical publisher, hence the title ‘Games Label’.”

Paul says that, over the next five years, the company is looking to quadruple its turnover and likely double its staff headcount.

And his advice for young companies starting out? “Network like a lunatic! Look for the risks in your business and then work them out of your business – plan to meet the challenges.”