Company information

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  • Sector: Manufacturing
  • Country: France
  • Revenue: €20M to €30M

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Founded in 1973, Seprolec is an electronics manufacturing services provider based in France, whose fields of activity extend across industry, aeronautics and defence. Seprolec works as a subcontractor, specialising in the manufacture of medium- and small-series electronic boards and assemblies.

"We provide high-mix, high-complexity PCB and sub system assemblies," says Patrick Soghomonian, Seprolec’s President and CEO. "Our job is to support the designers of professional and industrial electronics in the development of high value-added products, with a range of services including industrialisation, prototyping, manufacturing, testing, assembly and logistics."

Patrick attributes the firm’s success to its ability to satisfy three criteria: "Worldwide outlet products, increasing investment in order to produce high quality and high technical content in the products."

"We continue to impose high demands and even more ambitious targets in terms of quality and service"

The company has grown considerably in recent years, from a workforce of 77 people in 2010 to 118 people by the end of 2015 – a growth that Patrick hopes will continue in 2016. A favourable climate for borrowing has helped fuel this growth, enabling the team at Seprolec to invest heavily in industry, while an overall increase in business confidence has helped too.

But there have been some challenges along the way, of course. The increased diversification of the customer base led to the company restructuring the commercial department recently, with members of senior management giving increased support to commercial initiatives.

  • 118 – The number of employees at Seprolec as of the end of 2015

Today, customer satisfaction remains at the heart of the values of Seprolec. Its team of over 100 experts is committed to servicing clients every day, regardless of what stage they’re at with their Seprolec product.

"We continue to impose high demands and even more ambitious targets in terms of quality and service," says Patrick. "Including the deepening of our consulting process for industrialisation and our commitment to gaining certifications in advanced sectors."