Company information

  • Sector: Oil & Gas
  • Region: Scotland
  • Revenue: £10m to £20m
  • Website:

Making waves

ROVOP is an independent subsea specialist, which provides underwater remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) to the oil, gas and offshore wind industry. 

ROVs are typically used to complete intervention and survey, inspection, construction and repairs underwater.

ROVOP’s CEO, Steven Gray says superb staff and technology have resulted in the company being a leader in its field.

"ROVOP’s technological advantage allows us to safely and efficiently handle challenging conditions"

“We have invested to ensure we have the latest generation vehicles maintained by personnel whose training and competence we manage within our own training facility, the ROVOP Academy,” says Steven.

The academy has successfully recruited and trained more than 100 new ROV service staff in three years. “All of these things combined result in better service, increased efficiency and decreased downtime and cost for our clients,” he says.

“The installed stock of subsea equipment in oil, wind farms and energy transmission continues to grow and ROVOP makes the installation and maintenance of these assets more efficient,” he adds.

  • 100 – The number of service staff fully trained in the past three years

This area is advancing quickly with new technology and ambitious projects.

“The subsea industry in the future will be dealing with more challenging environments such as ultra-deep-water and high current areas,” says Steven. “ROVOP’s technological advantage allows us to safely and efficiently handle these conditions.”

The oil price slump is currently providing significant challenges to the sector, but Steven has a firm idea about what the company must do to tackle it. “We need to make customers more efficient by reducing their operating costs. This is an opportunity if we can do it successfully.”