Clicks and mortar

App-tapping consumers are becoming increasingly powerful in the retail sector. The digital and physical environments are merging to offer more personalised and relevant shopping experiences.

With around three million employees and sales in 2015 totalling £333bn, the retail sector is a powerhouse in the UK economy. Last year, a perfect combination of low interest rates, falling prices in food and petrol and rising real wages saw retail spending rise at its fastest rate since the recession. It is a sector in flux. Purchases on the internet now account for around 10% of all retail spending, and as interest-rate rises and tough conditions in overseas markets rear their heads, retailers are having to adapt quickly. Many UK operators are cashing in with smart strategies to inspire buyers and expand market share.

Sector at a glance

  • 62% of shoppers say social media interaction with their favourite brands has driven them to buy more
  • £86.96bn – The projected value of online sales in the UK in 2019
  • 58% of UK consumers say click-and-collect encourages them to visit stores more often

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While Baker & Stonehouse is dedicated to physical stores, it’s investing to ensure a seamless experience for online customers.
RED5 (Menkind Group) is quick to capitalise on trends in popular culture.
REN’s skincare products have become a regular in beauty editors’ columns and blogs.
Shipping 13 million orders last year to 190 countries, The Hut Group is a leader in both the UK health and premium beauty markets.