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Facing forward

REN creates innovative, clean skincare products that offer the best of both worlds – hi-tech, effective formulas that are free from skin-unfriendly chemicals.

“In the end, it’s all about product and people (and not necessarily in that order),” says Antony Buck, Co-Founder of REN Skincare and Rachel Harris, REN Skincare Interim CEO and Director of Unilever Ventures. Unilever acquired REN in 2015. “We have always aimed to create the best products we can, and have always believed in the value of treating our team and customers with decency, honesty and respect.”

To grow the business further the company has recently targeted key outlets such as Marks & Spencer in the UK and Nocibé in France to increase its distribution levels.

With products currently sold in 50 countries, REN’s acquisition by Unilever has allowed the company to look at expanding its portfolio even further in its next stage of global growth.

  • 12 – One of REN’s skin renewal masks is sold every 12 seconds

But the company’s sharp growth has been a steep learning curve.

“We have learnt that as you grow, things don’t change steadily but tend to reach points of discontinuity when current systems and processes are no longer capable of scaling.”

“It is key to anticipate this and be prepared to make major changes rather than simply tinker with the details.”

This is echoed in the company’s advice to new businesses starting out.

“Stay focused. Stay passionate. Learn from your mistakes and control your cash,” say Rachel and Antony. That seems like sound advice.