Professional services

Professional services

The wheels of commerce

Professional services companies face the challenges of pricing pressures, regulatory changes and increasing competition. But those that allow their business models to evolve while maintaining an unwavering focus on cost management and enthusiasm for innovation have found a winning formula.

Financial and related professional services are integral to the European economy and the links between financial markets across the region remain key to its prosperity. Business services are also essential resources for manufacturing and other service sectors, and play a central role in the ‘servitisation’ of the European economy. The EU is the world’s leading exporter of financial services, with extra-EU exports of €78bn accounting for about a quarter of global financial services exports. Significant opportunities exist within the sector, but in order to profit from them, businesses need to have robust risk-management strategies in place.

Sector at a glance

  • 11.5m people are employed in the EU’s professional, scientific and technical services sector
  • 3.9m companies are classified within the sector
  • €600.2bn is generated by the sector

The life-blood of our economy

> Read the commentary by Ulrike Rabmer-Koller, President, UEAPME on the importance of SMEs to Europe's economic future.

With a focus on developing proprietary technology, Flow Traders is becoming a big player in the world of Exchange Traded Products.
Market-leading Greece-based Green provides energy from renewable sources to businesses all over Europe.
Finnish supply-change management service company Hanlog is taking advantage of the machine manufacturing revolution.
Iguavarius exports delicious Portuguese food and drink products to 36 countries around the world.
MVF Global, a customer acquisition and lead generation company, is helping brands worldwide retain customers.
Malta's leading outsourcing firm provides qualified personnel within the hospitality, security, cleaning and healthcare services.
Bulgarian Saga is helping tackle climate change the pragmatic way: brokering carbon credit exchange deals between 350 companies worldwide.
Family-run wood-trading company Sherif is branching out into new markets such as renewable energy production from wood biomass.
This management consultancy offers clear value propositions for clients across a range of sectors including finance, media and retail.
Serving transport companies on the Continent, Vatservices monitors and finances the growing number of tollbooths on Europe's roads.
This leading architecture practice boasts an award-winning portfolio of work including the Cooled Conservatories in Singapore.