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Pointing the way

The digital world is in a perpetual state of evolution. In an age in which innovation is everything, those who possess a keen eye for seeing trends before they become mainstream are the true pioneers. onepoint knew this early on. The French company understood not only that businesses needed to have their fingers firmly on the pulse, but that they would often need help in keeping them there.

“The business of onepoint is to both foresee change and lead it, using the right tools for our private and public sector clients,” says David Layani, founder and CEO of the company, which began life in 2002.

“The business of onepoint is to both foresee change and lead it, using the right tools”

It refers to its work as ‘digital transformation’, and proposes tailored solutions that allow clients to develop their digital architecture, hone their networks and boost efficiency. In just 14 years, it has gone from servicing French clients to carving out an international presence, with offices across Northwestern Europe, China, Canada, Tunisia and the United States. This expansion has had myriad impacts, says David. “Not only is onepoint a growing group fuelled by the needs of its digital consulting and service clients, but it is also a growth accelerator for the entire economy.”

In 2015, the company completed the acquisition of Vision IT Group, which is present in eight countries. It is the latest marker of the steady growth it has enjoyed since its inception, buoyed by rising employee numbers. It now boasts 1,800 staff, with an average duration in the job of five years – impressive in a sector known for its transient employee base. More growth is forecast. The companies that onepoint assists – from the energy sector to retail and telecoms – know they function in an environment that demands adaptation and rewards those who stay ahead of the times. And this can only be good news for the French outfit.

  • 5 – The average number of years that employees stay at onepoint. The company has 1,800 employees

David expects continued growth to come about through a combination of aggressive organic growth, expansion into new countries and reinforcement by acquisitions in existing geographies. “Our objective is to be positioned among the top 10 companies in our industry in Europe.”