MVF Global

MVF Global

Company information

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  • Sector: Customer acquisition
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Revenue: €30M to €40M

Capturing customers

Global brands require maximum exposure in order for their products to stay relevant. Yet in a world in which market competition is heightening as new mediums for advertising take off, even the leading brands struggle to go it alone. Instead, many are looking to an emerging crop of tech companies engaged in customer acquisition and lead generation. One of these is MVF, and its ascendance has been staggering. Founded in 2009 as a small start-up based in London, it has quickly become the go-to place for some of the world’s leading brands seeking high volumes of new customers.

“Finding motivated and smart people to join our company is key at every stage of growth”

At the helm is Titus Sharpe, who took the risk of launching the company at the height of the global recession. “From the get-go we were extremely cost conscious,” he says. “We built a great product that could be used in many different geographies and sectors.”

The growing complexity of digital marketing that has resulted from new and more sophisticated advertising and technology platforms has heightened competition. But Titus sees this as an opportunity. “We aim to take this complexity away from the sales organisations we help. In addition our proprietary technology stack means that we can enter new sectors and new locations rapidly with little cost.”

The results have been impressive, driving huge performance gains for the company’s clients. In turn, MVF boasts the highest client retention rate in the market, at 96%. New offices have been opened in the US and investors have poured capital into the company. Expansion appears to be the order of the day. “In the next year I would like to see us grow staff numbers by at least 50%,” Titus says.

  • 96% – The company’s client retention rate – unsurprisingly the highest in the market

In five years’ time he envisions MVF having offices all over the world, with an energised workforce driving it forward. “Finding motivated and smart people to join your company is key at every stage of growth. These are the people who go the extra mile and hold themselves to a high standard, so they are likely to do the same for your business.”