Manufacturing & engineering

Manufacturing & engineering

Made to last

Investment in new technologies, from 3D printing and robotics to nano-technology, is enhancing the manufacturing sector.

The value of Britain’s manufacturing and engineering sectors to the UK economy are often underestimated. While many news headlines focus on headwinds facing the industry, the facts might surprise you.

Engineering businesses employ 5.4 million workers, or 19.3% of all people employed by UK companies, and produce a collective turnover of £1.17trn. This represents a quarter of the turnover of all UK enterprises.

Sector at a glance

  • £27.3 billion – The amount of business investment in manufacturing in 2014
  • 11th – The UK's position among the world's manufacturing nations
  • 54% – The proportion of UK exports accounted for by manufacturing 

Opportunities for growth are thriving

> Read what Terry Scuoler, CEO, EEF The Manufacturers’ Organisation, has to say about the critical need for the right skills and education

Supplying the Post Office for more than a decade, Insafe is the UK’s biggest independent safe and safe engineering company.
Kent-based Jestic manufactures an array of cooking equipment from fryers to charcoal ovens.
From book covers to shower basins, export-focused KL Technologies helps produce a variety of consumer products.
Pressure Technologies designs and manufactures high-pressure systems for the energy, defence and industrial gas markets.