Company information

  • Sector: Telecommunications
  • Region: Greater London
  • Revenue: £40m to £50m
  • Website:

Top of the line

Maintel Holdings provides communication solutions to businesses, delivered either on premises or within the cloud. It offers contracted and managed services, the sale and installation of telecoms systems, and of fixed-line, mobile and data telecoms services.

Executive Director, Angus McCaffery says the key to the company’s success has been having a clear plan and sticking to it – always with an eye to making a profit.

“The businesses we acquire are those we feel we can mould, to add greater value for our customers”

“It’s often easy to get distracted, especially in the tech space, and then you start to change your model and lose focus. Having a great team of people has obviously helped us deliver on this vision.”

The company has grown largely by acquisition and has acquired one business every year for the past four years.

“The greatest was the acquisition of Datapoint, a UK and Ireland competitor, which had a good underlying business but wasn’t delivering to its full potential,” says Angus.

  • £3.7m – The amount Maintel acquired Datapoint for in 2013

“We acquired it in 2013 for £3.7m and set about reducing the cost base, motivating the staff and re-engaging the customers. It’s now one of the jewels in our crown.”

“The businesses we have acquired are those we feel we can mould and complement the other units of our business to add greater value for our customers,” says Angus.

“As a result, we have achieved more organic growth than many of our peers.”