Company information

  • Website: www.loux.gr
  • Sector: Food & Drink
  • Country: Greece
  • Revenue: €20M to €30M

The drinks are on Loux

Over the last 65 years, Loux has established itself as the leading soft drinks brand in Greece, with three trademarked product ranges: Loux, Loux Mix and Loux Cola.

"We began as a local, family company in Achaia, believing in a core principle – respect our customers," explains Platon Marlafekas, Vice President at Loux. "Which is why we have always passionately promoted the delicious taste of Greek fruits and invested in raw materials of supreme quality. We use only 100% natural, Greek fruits so that our soft drinks offer consumers the most unique and refreshing experience they have learned to expect from the Loux brand."

Earlier this year, Loux launched a fourth range, Loux Plus & Light, which is low in calories and uses natural sweeteners only. "These drinks alter the concept of light soft drinks in the healthiest and most enjoyable way, while offering added value to the consumers," adds Platon.

"We began as a local, family company, believing in a core principle – respect our customers"

Loux’s commitment to its customers has helped it capture over a quarter of the market of ‘refreshments with flavour’ – no mean feat given the dominance of multinational soft drink brands across Europe. Today the brand is supported by 450 representatives across Greece, and is available in 20 countries worldwide.

All this against a very difficult economic backdrop. "During the last eight years, we’ve achieved remarkable progress despite the harsh economic circumstances in Greece," says Platon. "But the company’s principle has always been ‘focus on gradual progress, based on specific strategy and plans’." In that framework, Loux has invested over €20m in new production lines in Achaia and steadily tries to carry out significant synergies in order to expand its distribution network and diminish logistics costs and delay.

  • 30% – The amount by which Loux increased its sales between 2008 and 2013

"At Loux, we try to materialise different and innovative ideas and practices in order to adapt to the continuously changing needs of our consumers, and we follow a specific communication and advertising strategy that covers the company’s objectives," explains Platon.