Company information

  • Website:
  • Sector: IT Technology
  • Country: France
  • Revenue: €50M to €75M

Scalability is key

French digital advertising group Kwanko counts scalability as key to the phenomenal success it has enjoyed in recent years. And with a presence in 20 countries – where it operates as an intermediary between advertisers wishing to promote their brands and publishers looking to monetise their advertising spaces – it’s clearly doing something right.

“Kwanko’s platforms – NetAffiliation, Swelen and Emailbidding – are scalable and can be easily implemented in other countries,” explains François Bieber, founder and CEO. “That is why we’ve focused on international growth to boost our expansion. Our tactic consists of identifying potential markets and clients, and then duplicating our model, while taking into account local specificities.”

François makes it sound so simple, but the group uses a mix of advanced campaign management tools and consulting services in order to deliver its standard of service.

  • 20 – The number of countries where Kwanko has a digital presence

“Our extensive publishers’ network includes over 170,000 websites worldwide,” adds François. “We are focused on return on investment, with a 100% performance-based model. We allow our customers to boost their sales, enrich their database and drive traffic to their websites, mobile apps and stores.”

As well as expanding geographically, the group believes in expanding its capabilities through partnerships, which is why it partnered with Swelen, a pioneer in mobile advertising. “Cross-channel advertising is a strong growth leverage. That’s why we decided to go mobile in 2010 by partnering with Swelen.”

Its next partnership came about three years later, in 2013, when it joined forces with EmailBidding, an emailing platform that allows advertisers to launch campaigns in five clicks.

As for the future of digital advertising, François believes it is “undergoing a revolution” with the rise of new automated buying methods focused on user-centric advertising and big data. Whatever happens in the years from now, one thing’s for sure: Kwanko will be one step ahead.