Company information

  • Website: www.kvantlasers.sk
  • Sector: Laser production
  • Country: Slovakia
  • Revenue: €20M to €30M>

Let there be light

Kvant has been making lasers for two decades. If, when watching a live on-screen music performance, you notice light beams dancing around on the screen, you may well be seeing one of their creations in action. Based in Bratislava, Slovakia, the company has become an industry leader, supplying lasers not only for television and movie sets, but dance clubs, both small and large, and even world-famous live music tours.

Seen a Eurovision contest lately? It is quite likely that Kvant’s products were in use.

"A single beam of light starts every show, regardless of scale. Getting that one beam right is an art and a science"

How did the company achieve this? "Consistent work and trust in what you are doing is essential for your business, especially during hard times," says CEO Pavol Kuboek. The company was able to weather the storm that swept in with the financial crisis, and emerged from it in pole position. "Those who stopped during the crisis left a free space in the market, and those of us who stayed took advantage of that."

Among the company’s other clients are household names: Audi, BMW and Microsoft. But its input into the music and arts world is where it makes the most significant impression. "A single beam of light starts every show, regardless of scale," Kvant’s website says. "And getting that one beam just right is an art and science."

  • 1996 – The year of Kvant’s first show – it now has 20 years’ experience in producing bespoke events

The company has an in-house design and production department that caters for bespoke requests from every client. And the view from there into the future is a rosy one. "We have plans and we have plenty of new ideas," says Pavol. "If we manage to implement some of them, there is a high potential for growing the workforce, maybe even by 20%."

He says that the main goal is, and always has been, to keep things "in the family" – to recruit internally and keep consistency and motivation in the employee base. "This philosophy leads us to the constant growth we are experiencing," Pavol says.