Company information

  • Sector: Digital Solutions
  • Region: Greater London
  • Revenue: £75m to £100m
  • Website:

That’s entertainment

InternetQ provides mobile marketing and digital entertainment solutions for mobile networks, corporate brands and consumers with operations spanning Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas.

The company’s marketing offering consists of Minimob, a proprietary software that can be incorporated into marketing campaigns via smart devices and apps. It enables consumers to access the best offers in real time – and for advertisers to gain visibility about how their campaigns are performing in granular detail.

“Our industry knowledge and expertise means that we have anticipated changes in the industry”

Its other division, Akazoo, is a proprietary music streaming service. “Akazoo is delivered to customers through our strong relationships with mobile operators, handset manufacturers and internet service providers, and the direct to consumer model is also progressing rapidly,” says CEO and Founder Panos Dimitropoulos. In a competitive industry that is still evolving fast, Panos says the company has thrived through technical innovations, which have helped win big clients.

“We have always been in the vanguard of the dramatic shift towards performance-based marketing, allowing advertisers to make a range of offers to mobile users, which then deliver an immediate financial return.”

  • £22.3m – InternetQ’s net earnings in 2014, an increase from £7.3m in 2011

“Our industry knowledge and expertise means that we have anticipated changes in the industry and our innovation has meant that we have been able to deliver consistent growth,” he adds.

InternetQ plans to expand by taking advantage of the growth in smartphone use and adoption of smart devices, with brands increasingly able to reach consumers in a more targeted and more profitable way.

“To do this, we have developed a performance-based advertising model that we have successfully taken to market,” says Panos.