Company information

  • Sector: Manufacturing & Engineering
  • Region: South East
  • Revenue: £10m to £20m
  • Website:

Safe and sound

Founded in 1985, Insafe is the UK’s leading and biggest independent safe and safe engineering company. Its customers include over 100 high-street retailers, financial institutions and leisure operators.

“We deliver and install more than 500 safes every month throughout the UK with our own in-house resources and we have been the sole supplier of safes, safe locks and safe engineer services to the Post Office for 12 years,” says Managing Director, Clare Easterling.

“The only way to get through a recession is to work harder and smarter”

Founder and CEO Alan Bullock explains how when he started up in 1985, he was seeing established safe manufacturers losing touch with the retail explosion in the UK.

“I concentrated on contacting and getting to know potential customers, persuading them I understood their requirements and that I could work with them to provide products and services to reduce the risks and challenges they were facing, such as robbery, internal theft and fraud – we continue to adhere to this principle,” he says.

The company’s biggest challenge, says Alan, came during the financial crisis. “The only way to get through a recession is to work harder and smarter for less money.

  • 500 – The number of safes the company delivers and installs each month

“There was a complete change in our bank’s attitude towards us, our requests for short- and long-term loans were turned down. We overcame this by making tough decisions like cutting staff, cutting costs, and working harder and longer. We came through it as a stronger company.”

Alan’s advice for firms starting out? “Make sure you are ready to work 100 plus hours per week and to think of nothing else 24 hours a day. And do it to make your business successful and not for personal reward.”