Company information

  • Website: www.hanlog.com
  • Sector: Logistics
  • Country: Finland
  • Revenue: €30M to €40M

All change

According to its president and CEO Mikko Puttonen, the secret to Hanlog’s huge success is quite simple: it is based on the company’s understanding of its customers’ needs – which is better than its competitors’ understanding.

Centered on that principle, the supply-change management service company has “created and modified its services” to suit its clients. “We create innovative ways of working and product concepts to fulfil our customer needs in new ways,” explains Mikko.

To do so, the company has exploited the opportunities thrown up by the revolution in machine manufacturing. “This has been our biggest opportunity in recent years,” says Mikko.

“Not everyone in our sector has understood the change or used the opportunities”

“Not everyone in our sector has understood the change or used the opportunities. Our concept has been simple and very obvious too: by understanding the customer needs and then innovating our own services, we can fulfil customers changed needs a little bit better than our competitors can.”

Not everyone sees it so clearly, however. The president says a major challenge in recent years has been getting other stakeholders, such as government authorities and European Union officers, to understand and keep up with the changed business environment.

Finance has been a challenge too. Finding the right finance partners for the working capital in the supply chain network has been difficult. “They need to understand, in the right way, the changed business environment and the customer needs, and be interested in benefiting from the opportunities,” says Mikko.

  • 5 – Hanlog has a five-year plan to develop and grow its workforce

These challenges have done little to dampen Hanlog’s impressive growth, however, and the team remains confident that there is still huge potential to grow – that the opportunities in the market are ‘obvious’ still.

“We want to grow strongly in the future too, we don’t even see a ceiling! Our target is to continue to develop and to grow our workforce over the next five years.”