Flow Traders

Flow Traders

Company information

  • Website: www.flowtraders.com
  • Sector: Financial technology
  • Country: Netherlands
  • Revenue: €100M to €150M

A 24/7 trading team

To operate effectively in the global financial markets, companies must be responsive to enquiries from trading counterparties round the clock. Flow Traders, based out of the Netherlands, knows the importance of availability: one of Europe’s leading technology-enabled liquidity providers, it functions in all time zones, offering bid and ask prices on its specialist area, Exchange Traded Products (ETP), at every waking hour, anywhere in the world.

“We focus strongly on our team-driven culture,” says Dennis Dijkstra, CEO of the company. “We build on three components, namely excellence in pricing ETPs, developing cutting edge proprietary technology, and a strong risk management focus.”

“We focus strongly on our team-driven culture"

Dennis Dijkstra, CEO, Flow Traders

Flow Traders has been around since 2004. Since its inception it has quickly accumulated counterparties across the world, and expanded its employee base to support the company’s 24-hour operations. By the end of 2015 it boasted 268 staff and holds a position at the forefront of the global ETP ecosystem. “The growth of the ETP market over the past decade has offered Flow Traders a great chance to grow faster than anticipated,” Dennis says. “The pace with which new ETP products were being issued provided ample opportunities for Flow Traders to showcase our unique ETP pricing capabilities, so we could grow our trading universe very rapidly.”

Such a rapid expansion can be fraught with hurdles to overcome, however, particularly when it comes to finding the right mix of staff to power the company. “Since we work in a highly competitive environment, human capital is of huge importance to us,” Dennis continues. “This shows immediately our one of our biggest challenges: attracting the best employees and getting them operational as soon as possible so Flow Traders can stay at the forefront of the market development.”

  • 268 – The number of staff employed at Flow Traders

But in the eagerness for growth, companies must emphasise the importance of responsible behavior. “Becoming a public company has given us greater exposure, and we believe that transparency about what we do is vital in creating greater market understanding,” Dennis says. “We want to continue to be proactive in this area.”

Flow Traders has a focus on developing proprietary technology.