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Golden ticket, silver screen

Everyman launched into the premium cinema market in 2000 but rapidly expanded from ten to 16 sites around the UK in 2015.

Its focus is on exceptional – even indulgent – customer service, providing a relaxed environment with smaller capacity venues and higher levels of comfort than traditional cinema operators.

“Our competition isn’t multiplexes but a night out in a restaurant or theatre,” says CEO Crispin Lilly. “Each venue has a fully licensed bar with pizzas, cocktails, snacks and even, in some venues, burgers served straight to your seat.”

“Our customers return to us more times than the typical UK cinema goer, and will often actively recommend us to their friends”

“Most importantly”, he says, “we recognise the importance of our teams and their ownership of the customer experience, ensuring they are trained, equipped and empowered to deliver.”

He says the secret to the company’s success is the unique customer experience, whether or not they actually like the film on show.

“We invest in the design and feel of new sites and the upkeep of our existing estate, so customers are always welcomed into a comfortable and atmospheric venue. We selectively choose the widest range of quality on-screen content and it’s paying dividends. Our customers return to us on average more times than the typical UK cinema goer, and will often actively recommend us to their friends.”

  • 60% – Everyman Group’s venue capacity growth in the past year

By ensuring that they are always providing the best possible experience, Crispin says they have maintained steady and sustainable growth – even in tough times.

“Having grown from ten venues to 16 in the past year, we have increased our overall workforce by as much as 50%, from 300 to 450. But our head office is relatively small and lean, and we intend for it to remain so. This allows us all to stay close to the business and to ensure that the unique Everyman experience is not compromised as we grow.”