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Attracting UK holidaymakers

Continuum Attractions does something few companies dare to do: it puts its employees first, and customers second. And given that it is in the business of making fun – literally, through its operations of theme parks and museums across the United Kingdom – this becomes even more intriguing.

"This approach makes our front-line team the most important people in the business, and their roles as easy and effective as possible," says Chief Executive Juliana Delaney. She believes that a company whose frontline staff are unhappy will manifestly fail to provide its customers with the one thing it seeks to offer: fun.

"We’re tapping into the desire of many overseas visitors to visit memorable places and hear the real stories attached to them"

Juliana Delaney, Chief Executive, Continuum Attractions

More than three decades old, Continuum Attractions is at the forefront of a growing movement in the UK to raise awareness of the benefits of holidaying at home, otherwise known as a ‘staycation’. "We’re working to make Brits appreciate just why so many overseas visitors love holidaying in this country," Juliana says. "And we’re tapping into the desire of many tourists to visit memorable places and hear the real stories attached to them."

Rather than buckle under the strain of the recession, the company expanded. It was amid the tightening of belts that the concept of the ‘staycation’ came to the fore in the UK. To meet the demands of this emerging trend, Juliana sought to attract longer-term employees to the company rather than the transient seasonal workers that the tourism and leisure sector traditionally attracted. In addition, it moved to capitalise on entertainment and television brands by bringing them onto visitor attraction platforms.

  • 2m – The number of people who visit one of Continuum Attractions’ UK sites every year

To continue that success, Juliana is adamant that the company must maintain a unique point of difference, to set it apart from others in the business. "An important test is: can you describe your idea and its difference in less than a minute and get a reaction?" she asks. The mission of Continuum Attractions can be summed up in a matter of seconds, Juliana says: "Having fun and making money."