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Waste not, want not

Established 40 years ago but, until recently, hidden within the complex food industry supply chain, Company Shop is the UK’s largest re-distributor of surplus food.

“We do the hard work to make redistribution simple for retailers, manufacturers and brands,” says Chairman and Founder, John Marren.

“Through Community Shop we are transforming lives for individuals and families”

“We redistribute more than 30,000 tonnes of surplus food a year through a national network of staff shops and four standalone stores, operated on a strict membership-only basis. Through our work, we are delivering economic, social and environmental value.”

The company started out providing a way of selling food that would otherwise go to waste to staff within the food supply chain, through shops at factories and warehouses. But it has expanded to include a new chain of community shops selling discounted food in underprivileged areas. John says a new commitment by retailers to deal with surpluses more responsibly has led to a recent surge in business.

“This means we have more stock coming to us, which we have been able to redistribute through our network of shops and prevent this food becoming waste,” says John. “We have placed a real emphasis on broadening and deepening relationships with a growing number of the UK’s major food companies.”

  • 30,000 – The number of tonnes of surplus food that Company Shop redistributes each year

The company has invested heavily and recently opened an 8,000 square foot store in Manchester.

Commercial Director Tom Rumboll adds, “Our business’ success has given us the profile and network to continue to grow the UK’s first social supermarket, Community Shop, with stores open in South Yorkshire and London. Through Community Shop we are transforming lives for individuals and families.”