CHI & Partners

CHI & Partners

Company information

  • Sector: Advertising & Marketing
  • Region: Inner London
  • Revenue: £200m to £250m
  • Website:

Capturing imaginations 

Advertising and marketing companies can struggle to stand out to new clients, so CHI & Partners adopted a thoroughly modern, integrated approach encompassing multiple disciplines, from advertising to PR, content marketing and social media.

“We believe that the power of creativity can supercharge a business and transform it into an iconic brand,” says the company’s Founding Partner, Johnny Hornby.

“The power of creativity can supercharge a business and transform it into an iconic brand”

“We make populist, 360 degree creative campaigns that capture the imagination of the nation, from cabbies down the pub to young professionals on their smartphones.”

However, Johnny says that the real opportunity of recent years has been the fragmentation of media.

“Since the birth of digital, one of the biggest challenges for marketing directors is splitting their time, energy and budgets across multiple agency partners,” says Johnny. “Our integrated offering, and our ability to navigate today’s complex media landscape, is one of the things that makes us so invaluable to our clients.”

However, recent tough economic conditions taught the company a valuable lesson about understanding costs.

  • 2001 – The year CHI & Partners was established

“2008 was the scary one,” Johnny says. “We were admired by our bigger international competitors for having a domestic business that we controlled. Then we found that having such a domestic business in banking, cars and retail was dangerous.”

CHI & Partners overcame these hurdles and doubled in size between 2007-13. Johnny says it is on track to double again by next year.

“The pace of change is a challenge to established ad agencies. Those that don’t move – and move fast – will perish.”