Company information

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  • Sector: Manufacturing and production of wood products
  • Country: Estonia
  • Revenue: €20M to €30M

Out of the wood

The wooden boards that make up your patio decking or your hallway flooring – or, if you are lucky, your sauna – don’t come straight from the tree. They go through a complex and specialised treatment process that is easy to do badly, and difficult to do well. And if it’s done badly, it can prove to be ruinous for your home. Brenstol LLC, based in Estonia, does it well and has done so for 15 years. "Good results come mainly thanks to our own enthusiastic and professional staff, many of whom have been with us since the beginning," says CEO Urmo Ilves.

"Thermal modification is computer-controlled. Only steam and heat are used, no chemicals"

The company buys up timber from producers across Europe, Scandinavia and North America and converts it into a range of products – interior wall panelling, doors, window frames and more. It is in its treatment of the wood, specifically the process of thermally modifying the product, that Brenstol stands apart from its competitors. "Thermal modification itself is a computer-controlled process, which is carried out at high temperatures using the most modern and advanced thermo kilns in the world," Urmo explains. "Only steam and heat are used, with no chemicals added."

The raw material comes from sustainably managed forests and only obtains its flagship Thermory seal once the modification has been successfully carried out. And demand is growing: "Our production capacity has to keep abreast of the increasing number of new markets and growing sales. Brenstol LLC has invested continuously in the production unit to keep up with the growing need," says Urmo.

  • 50 – The number of countries to which Brenstol exports its range of wood products

In addition, the company has developed a loyal network of distributors and partners whose long-term cooperation plays a key role in the expansion of Brenstol’s products, which are today on the market in more than 50 countries worldwide.