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The perfect blend

Whisky production is a fine art, with intense competition. BenRiach has managed to stand out in a very discerning crowd since it was taken over by three entrepreneurs in 2004.

Managing Director Billy Walker says the company now owns three single malt Scotch whisky distilleries: BenRiach, GlenDronach and Glenglassaugh.“We are whisky distillers and bottlers and we export our single malts and blends all over the world,” explains Billy.

“Our rapid success is down to a great team here and great importers representing our brands across the globe”

The rapid success after taking over the distillery from Chivas Brothers just over a decade ago is the result of “a great team here and great importers representing our brands across the globe,” he says.

The job has been made a little easier as the whisky market has seen encouraging growth in recent years.

“The single malt Scotch sector is quite vibrant and has been for some time,” says Billy. “We have capitalised on this by expanding our portfolio of distillery brands through acquisitions.

“90% of our business is export, and the world is a more accessible market place than it has ever been,” he adds.

  • 90% – The proportion of the business that is comprised of exports

So how has the distillery outperformed during the tough economic conditions in recent years that have seen discretionary spending on many luxury items decline?

“Hard graft,” says Billy. “And investing in the acquisitions and our own bottling hall in 2010, so we are now fully integrated.”

Cheers to that!