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Tracing out the future

Last year was a very, very good year for Antares Vision, a world-leading producer of traceability solutions for the pharmaceutical industry headquartered in Brescia, Italy.

“Investments in terms of growth and internationalisation have borne fruit and in 2015 group revenue reached the €50m goal, which means an outstanding increase of 100% on the previous year,” explains CEO Emidio Zorzella. “Since the end of 2012, Antares Vision has grown exponentially in terms of national and international territorial expansion and economic growth.”

“The world market is looking at us as a reference point”

Emidio puts the group’s phenomenal rise down to innovation. “It is the first asset and the main driver for our success,” he says. Driving this innovation is a close cooperation with major international pharmaceutical companies and leading machine builders to develop and integrate pioneering products and services in the field of inspection and track and trace systems, so as to provide greater value and security to final customers.

Emidio counts “a rising global demand for security solutions for pharmaceutical industries with a growing internationalisation process” as the biggest opportunity for growth in recent years.

  • 100% – Year-on-year revenue growth at Antares Vision, 2015 on 2014

“We’ve taken care of the local service in order to provide rapid and flexible support in that country’s language, giving a real business value at a reduced cost,” adds Emidio. “So the acquisition of new markets has grown hand in hand with the local presence of services given by new Antares Vision subsidiaries or by agreements with certified partner companies.”

As for the future, the group is confident that it will continue to develop over the next five years. “Today, the world market is looking at us as a reference point, and we are responding with an increase not only in numbers but also in terms of our quality of service.”