Hot data

Technology is central to business, and every company needs server space. Infinity fulfils this need and is growing fast, providing high-quality data centre facilities and services in locations across London.

Infinity began as a wholesale data centre company in 2006, and soon realised that the amount of data centre space required could vary dramatically, according to the size of an organisation and spikes in demand for its services. To suit the changing needs of its customers, Infinity branched out into retail co-location and flexible data centre solutions.

  • Infinity launched as a wholesale data centre company in 2006

While global corporations may need a whole data centre to themselves, start-up companies and small or medium-sized organisations usually only require a small number of server racks. Infinity now offers both, catering for businesses of every size and character.

Within any company, IT requirements fluctuate. Retail businesses may hit a peak around Christmas, while gambling companies might experience a surge during big sporting events. Recognising that organisations would rather avoid always paying for their predicted peak usage, Infinity devised some flexible solutions.

Infinity CEO Stuart Sutton says its Infinite Data Centre proposition is perfect for companies with changing IT needs. “It provides the flexibility and agility to scale both space and power requirements in line with IT workloads,” he says. “This has provided us with differentiation in the market and makes the data centre part of the IT solution, not just a building where your IT resides.”