CDE Global

CDE Global

Shifting sands

CDE Global has 20 years’ experience in the global construction materials industry. Today, it operates in the construction and recycling, mining, specialist industrial sands and environmental sectors, in seven regions and on six continents.

Brendan McGurgan, CDE Global’s Managing Director, says: “Our commitment to new product development is a critical factor in our success – we have a track record of bringing new products to the construction materials and mining markets to challenge industry assumptions.”

  • The company operates in seven regions across six continents

CDE Global provides construction materials to producers and mining companies with advanced processing systems that allow their customers to make better products with less waste and reduced costs.

And by working directly with customers, the business differentiates itself from its competitors. Whereas a typical supplier in the industry might sell through a distributor network, CDE’s customers buy direct, and can collaborate in the design of the processes and systems they are ordering.