Make It Cheaper

Make It Cheaper

Helping hand

Jonathan Elliott, CEO and Founder of Make It Cheaper, believes small businesses are key to Britain’s economy – and he’s keen to help them save as much time and money as possible.

Founded in 2007, Make It Cheaper provides a telephone service that helps small to medium-sized businesses find better utilities deals. Having built a customer base of 250,000 in just eight years, Make It Cheaper has established itself as the go-to company for utilities advice. “We do such a terrific job that three of the top-five price comparison sites – MoneySupermarket, uSwitch and Gocompare – work in partnership with us,” says Jonathan. 

  • Make It Cheaper was founded in 2007 and now has a customer base of 250,000

Word of mouth recommendation has been instrumental in accelerating the company’s growth. “Customer satisfaction is the company’s heartbeat, and is measured using the Net Promoter Score [NPS] system via a constant stream of text and email feedback,” says Jonathan. “Each adviser has their own score, which forms one of their core performance indicators. Company-wide, Make It Cheaper has to reach an NPS benchmark of +65 before any staff bonuses are triggered. We finished 2014 with an NPS of +69, ranking us above the likes of Apple.”

Trust, like word of mouth, also emanates from great customer service. “That trust allows us to execute a ‘just do it for me’ solution for renewing customers,” Jonathan explains. “Businesses can get on with their day jobs, knowing that someone is monitoring the market for them, helping them to stay on the best deals.”