Marine Specialised Technology

Marine Specialised Technology

Making waves

Marine Specialised Technology (MST) designs and manufactures rigid inflatable and high-speed workboats for military and commercial customers worldwide. The international corporation offers sales and support services in over 21 countries, and largely owes its success to a relentless drive for innovation and quality, says Group Sales Director Philip Hilbert. 

Finding the right people to join the business initially proved challenging. “This was particularly difficult in the earlier years when the company was a lot smaller,” says Philip.

“My advice would be to underestimate any potential income and overestimate your anticipated costs”

Philip Hilbert, Group Sales Director, MST

But sheer determination and a rise in global maritime threats gave the company the impetus to succeed. “International terrorism, human trafficking and smuggling are on the rise, and these are all core areas in which our products are used by military forces,” Philip explains. “While military budgets have been reduced in most countries around the world, funding for specialist elite forces has often been increased to fight this new breed of asymmetrical maritime threats.”

MST recently expanded its premises by 30,000 sq ft, to serve the growing number of logistical support, parts and servicing contracts that the company has been awarded. “To accommodate this development, our overall workforce will need to expand by 30% over the next 12 months, with another 10% anticipated within our new build and other divisions,” says Philip.

  • MST has expanded its premises by 30,000 sq ft

For small businesses starting out, Philip says the current economic climate is not a reason to avoid going into business. “In fact, it is probably a better time to start, as it makes you tougher in the long run,” he says.

“My advice would be to underestimate any potential income and overestimate your anticipated costs. Our original three-year business plan effectively took twice as long to achieve!”