Exporting success

Commodities trader and chemicals-to-steel exporter Gapuma is bullish about the future, after trebling its turnover and more than doubling its profits since the financial crisis hit in 2008.

“Our recent success has been rooted in our previous strategic choices,” says Jack Bardakjian, Group Managing Director. “In the 1990s, when investing in Africa was unfashionable, Gapuma chose to take on the massive challenges thrown up by Nigeria and Ghana – among others – and to embrace the unique opportunities presented by them.”

  • Gapuma says its recent success has been rooted in its previous strategic choices

A slump in global demand for raw materials, as well as the high-profile decline in the oil price, have hit commodity trading profits but Jack says that Gapuma has made shrewd choices in this area.

“It has been an essential part of our strategic marketing exercises to identify the niche markets that are holding on or indeed still growing,” he says. “Furthermore, the business is diversifying into manufacturing and looking at making further inroads into logistic solutions.