Taking the lead

Looking after a pet can be an expensive affair. That’s probably why online retailer MedicAnimal is flourishing. Conceived by ex-Goldman Sachs broker Ivan Retzignac and veterinarian Andrew Bucher, MedicAnimal sells pet health products directly to pet owners, combining vast choice with significant discounts.

The website caters for everything from cats, dogs and bunnies to more obscure companions such as birds of prey, reptiles and goats. “The company’s success has been a result of delivering value to the end customer,” says Ivan. “MedicAnimal provides a far wider range of food, medicines and accessories to customers, typically at far lower prices and with the convenience of home delivery. In addition to this, the company provides free veterinary advice, allowing customers to better understand how to care for their pets.”

  • 2007 – The year Ivan Retzignac and Andrew Bucher founded MedicAnimal

Ivan founded the web-based business in partnership with Andrew in 2007. Initially funded by the duo and their friends and relations, rapid growth eventually attracted the backing of venture capital. “The business has grown more than tenfold in the past four years, and by far one of the biggest challenges has been scaling the team and operations to keep pace with growth in sales,” says Ivan.

MedicAnimal has big ambitions for the future, with plans to expand across Western Europe, doubling or even tripling its staff in the next five years. “Pet ownership and pet spend are growing dramatically across Europe, which will benefit all companies in our space,” says Ivan. “As such, competition is expected to intensify and the company’s challenge is to continue to offer value to its customers.”