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We are social

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We Are Social is focused on innovative, creative and effective social media marketing. Created in 2008, just as the social media market was maturing commercially, today it has a global team of 500.

Nathan McDonald, Co-founder and Global Managing Partner, says: “As early movers in the space, we were able to capitalise on rapidly growing demand and, ever since, that’s meant we’ve been able to stay ahead of the other specialist shops that later set up, or traditional agencies that have incorporated social into their offering.” We Are Social uses its social media, digital, PR and marketing expertise on global, regional and local projects for clients such as Heinz, Mondelz, Heineken, Jaguar and Adidas.

Over the coming years, the leadership team will be working hard to retain the company’s start-up culture and avoid replicating the approach of more traditional, larger agencies.

  • 500 people are employed by We Are Social across the whole business

In 2013, We Are Social announced a partnership with BlueFocus, China’s leading marketing services group. The move will strengthen the company’s global infrastructure and allow it to take advantage of the fast-growing Chinese market, which is “something our global clients have already been asking us for”, says Nathan.

We Are Social has always had an international outlook, and opened offices in Milan and Paris within a couple of years of trading. “Having a global mindset from day one was crucial to driving our expansion,” says Nathan. “I’d advise all small businesses setting out to embrace it.”