Reference Data Review - LSEG go live on LEI

Reference Data Review - LSEG go live on LEI

Following a recent interview with Emma Kalliomaki, Reference Data Review published an article detailing the go-live of the London Stock Exchange's LEI system.

"The London Stock Exchange (LSE) went live with its Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) system issuing Interim Entity Identifiers (IEIs) on Monday August 5. It reports significant interest in entity registration, with many draft records being created ahead of payment and submission, and one complete transaction issuing an IEI to global equity trading services firm BTIG Ltd.

The LSE was confirmed as a Local Operating Unit (LOU) under the sponsorship of the UK Financial Conduct Authority on August 6 and developed its LEI registration and distribution processes to meet initial LOU requirements set down by the Financial Stability Board, predecessor of the global LEI system’s Regulatory Oversight Committee (ROC), and a more complete set of guidelines and principles that were published by the ROC on July 27."

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