Domestic Connectivity

Domestic Connectivity

Monte Titoli's services are made accessible to its clients through multiple communication channels:

  • RNI (National Interbank Network)
  • MT-X - Monte Titoli Internet Communication System, the web-based platform of knowledge and document management

Thanks to the multichannel & splitting account facility offered by MT-X, each participant can customize the activation of the communication channel with reference to the type of message and to the role played in the Monte Titoli system.

In particular, the multichannel service allows the customer to make a choice about which communication channel would be most flexible and focused on its own operational requirements, for each distinct message with Monte Titoli. Moreover, the multichannel service allows the customer to request the concurrent receipt through various channels for the following messages:

  • Financial statements for movements made on its own accounts
  • Outcome of transactions sent to Monte Titoli
  • Payment notifications in connection with the execution of corporate operations on centralized financial instruments

The splitting account gives the option to split the reception channel of messages addressed to the issuer and to the intermediary even in the presence of a common account ID Number.


SWIFT messages, specially developed to allow remote access of foreign participants to Monte Titoli’s services, grant all the functionalities available to domestic participants vehicled via the National Interbank Network (RNI) and the web platform (MT-X).

SWIFT messages are compliant with the ISO 15022 standards and, with reference to the settlement service (Express II) and the pre-settlement service (X-TRM), integration is ensured through the SWIFTNet technology.


Monte Titoli Internet Communication System (MT-X) is the web-based platform of knowledge and document management, through which it is possible to convey and receive all the messages available on any other network offered by Monte Titoli (RNI and SWIFT) with reference to the centralised administration service.

The web system is designed to grant a high level of security, thanks to the adoption of the HTTPS protocol and a full customization of security levels.

To access MT-X a profile is required (username and password) together with a personal HTTPS certificate (issued in the name of the person who is connecting). Each participant is provided with an administrator user who may easily setup and customize the security levels for all the users defined.

MT-X platform may be used either as backup channel to the other available networks or as the primary channel to exchange messages with Monte Titoli concerning all centralised administration service functionalities.

Furthermore this platform can be easily implemented, without additional IT costs, to access the value added services offered by Monte Titoli.

In addition to the centralised administration service, MT-X still grants access to the pre-settlement service (X-TRM) and to the settlement service (EXPRESS II) and it allows interaction on X-TRM and Express II for the below detailed functionalities:

  • Input/modification/cancellation of trades by users
  • Ipproval of the actions mentioned above by authorized users to send the message to the X-TRM service
  • Broadcast service to communicate operational information to users. All the messages will be displayed when the users logon to the system
  • Dashboard with a summary about the status (matching and settlement) of transactions
  • Search the settlement instructions and display them with their settlement trail
  • Request G32 (Express II reports)
  • View G32 messages received and downloading in format CSV and LU6.2
  • View and updating the current collateral profiles
  • Configuration of the tool according to user’s preferences (language and information to be displayed)


Monte Titoli, in its role as hub (CAMT – Centro Applicativo Monte Titoli) of the National Interbank Network (RNI - Rete Nazionale Interbancaria), provides access to its centralised administration, pre-settlement and settlement services via RNI.

Adopting the RNI connection enables our participants:

  • For the centralised administration service: to make use of query functionalities on their securities accounts held at Monte Titoli, to receive a report in real time on any book entry registered in the accounts, and to give instructions for the delivery of financial instruments or to be elected in corporate actions, with real time processing
  • For the pre-settlement service (X-TRM): to send transactions to be matched and to obtain a detailed report of the transactions carried out and of the bilateral balances related to transactions guaranteed with the interposition of the Central Counter Party (CCP)

For the settlement service (Express II): to have real time report on the status of transactions during the settlement process, to manage exposure limits when acting as an agent bank for cash settlement, to have query functionalities at their disposal on the status of the exposure limit when making use of /acting as an agent bank.