Securities Markets

At Monte Titoli we are strongly committed to expanding our international presence, granting access to a wider range of securities markets within and outside the Eurozone. A solid performance, experienced staff and a flexible and scalable engine, will allow us to invest in expanding our product offering while ensuring competitive pricing.

We currently grant direct or indirect access to the following markets:

  • Austria (OeKB)
  • Belgium (NBB and Euroclear Belgium - ESES)
  • Finland (through Euroclear Bank)
  • France (Euroclear France - ESES)
  • Germany (Clearstream Banking Frankfurt)
  • Greece (Bank of Greece)
  • Ireland (Euroclear UK&IE operated by Citi)
  • Portugal (through Euroclear Bank)
  • Slovak Republic (through Euroclear Bank)
  • Slovenia (through Euroclear Bank)
  • Spain (Iberclear)
  • Sweden (through Euroclear Bank)
  • Switzerland (SIX-SIS)
  • The Netherlands (Euroclear Netherland - ESES)
  • UK (Euroclear UK&IE operated by Citi)
  • United States (DTCC and through Clearstream Banking Luxembourg)
  • International instruments (via Clearstream Banking Luxembourg)
  • International instruments (via Euroclear Bank)

Our sales representative will be pleased to further discuss our product and service offering.