Swaps Portal

Swaps Portal

Find out how UnaVista's Swaps Portal can help you accurately manage equity swaps.

UnaVista’s Swaps Portal provides an easier, more accurate way for you to manage increasing volumes of equity swaps, by automating and validating communication between all parties in the swaps process. Our growing network already consists of over 75 participants including all major prime and executing brokers.

Changes in regulation and the subsequent volume increases have meant its increasingly difficult to keep costs and the associated risks down when trading swaps. Many software vendors and platforms offer “solutions” in this space but the majority fail to deliver.

That’s where UnaVista can help. UnaVista benefits all counterparties in a swaps trade.

Have one system to manage all your global counterparties

UnaVista allows hedge funds to see the status of their swap orders across all their prime brokers in a single, secure, audited channel. Prime brokers can also receive and match give-ups from executing brokers through UnaVista, to ensure that any contract is correctly hedged.

Connect with the London Stock Exchange Group Community

UnaVista is a market leading platform providing you with a connection to a global community of buy-side firms, executing brokers and all major swap writers – giving you fast access to all of your counterparties.

Be ready to go in 5 days

UnaVista’s dynamic onboarding process means that it takes only 5 days to get you live, so you don’t have to wait weeks to see the benefits.

Resolve trades on T+0

UnaVista allows exceptions to be made visible immediately; reducing your risk and helping you better manage your assets.

Trust that your data is safe

As a trusted, neutral and regulated company the London Stock Exchange is ideally positioned to act as a central communication portal. You can be safe in the knowledge that your competitors will not have access to your data.

No need to change the way you work

UnaVista accepts messages in all formats (inc emails, fl at fi les, etc.), it then normalises and sends it out in any format you require. UnaVista is also connected to the all major messaging networks (via the LSEG FIX and SWIFT networks), that means you can connect to any brokers or investment managers in the world even if you don’t communicate in the same way. This is just two of the ways UnaVista improves your integration with middle/back office systems and enhances your operational efficiencies, reducing the need for manual intervention.

Enrich your company’s data

UnaVista uses a range of reference data sources, including the LSEG’s own SEDOL Masterfi le, to enrich your data and improve your matching rates with counterparties.

No barriers to entry for small firms

All that’s needed is a web browser. The Swaps Portal emails a link and once the user is registered, they can simply click on the link to see the relevant information.

Manage the whole process on one screen

You can customise your screen view so that you see the information in the way that suits you best. You can also upload documents, allowing you to add term sheets and additional audit information. And all of this can be subjected to agreed work flows.

Assess your counterparty’s performance

UnaVista has advanced metrics and reporting functionality, making it easy to determine who your best performing counterparties are. Intuitive graphical dashboards providing management with a quick overview of their equity swap flow.

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