Rules Engine

Rules Engine


UnaVista’s Rules Engine provides firms with a simplified route to address multiple regulations by offering a central hub for managing and routing transactional data to the appropriate regulator. We manage the connections so when requirements change, or new regulations emerge, it can be adjusted or added quickly and simply in UnaVista.

How the Rules Engine Works

Using the UnaVista Rules Engine firms can send their raw data from multiple internal sources and in multiple formats. The Rules Engine will then normalise, convert and format imported information as desired. The Rules Engine can enrich this data using London Stock Exchange’s reference data from source (LEI, ISIN, SEDOL, etc.) and plug-in third-party reference data as required.

UnaVista's Rules Engine has the logic built in to help firms with multiple regulations and as new regulations emerge UnaVista’s Rules Engine can be configured to assist firms without the need to purchase additional solutions.

Examples of regulations that UnaVista’s Rules Engine can assist with

The Rules Engine can help firms with regulations including MiFIR, EMIR, SFTR, Global Derivative Reporting and more. The solution identifies which transactions are eligible for reporting and route these on to the appropriate NCA (National Competent Authority).

Benefits of the Rules Engine

Some of the key benefits of UnaVista’s Rules Engine include:

Enhanced Visibility of your reporting

Using the interactive and customisable dashboards, firms can enjoy an enhanced view of their reporting data. Additionally, users can handle exceptions more effectively.

Reduced risk exposure

Fully audited integrated workflow to fit in with your compliance procedures. Single module for multiple regulations reducing data fragmentation and system administration.

Confidence in the security of your data

As a regulated company, London Stock Exchange has the highest standards for data protection and security, giving you one less thing to worry about. Firms can also access their data globally.

Improve the quality of your reporting

Augment your data with the LSEG reference data and extensive eligibility files. 

Save on implementation cost and timeframes

As no infrastructure is required to start using the Rules Engine, firms get up and running within very short timeframes. The platform is also highly configurable with low integration costs.

Future proof your compliance

As regulations evolve or new regulations emerge you can use the same connection into UnaVista and the rules engine will do the mapping for you.

For further details on how we can help you with different regulations, please check our regulation page.

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