UnaVista Rules Engine

The UnaVista Rules Engine provides firms with a simplified route to address multiple regulations, offering a central hub for managing and routing data. We manage the connections so when requirements change or new regulations emerge, it can be adjusted or added quickly and simply in UnaVista.

How the Rules Engine Works:

Using the UnaVista Rules Engine we can take in your raw data from multiple internal sources and validate it using our own reference data and rule logic. The rules engine will then normalise, convert and format imported information as desired.

UnaVista's Rules Engine has the logic built in to help you with multiple regulations, below is an example of just some of these regulations, but as new regulations emerge UnaVista can be configured to assist you with those as well. For further details on how we can help you with different regulations, please check our regulation page.

Examples of regulations the UnaVista Rules Engine can assist with

  • MiFiD
    See which transactions are eligible for MiFID transaction reporting. As an approved reporting mechanism (ARM) UnaVista will also do the reporting on your behalf.
  • EMIR 
    Identify the transactions that are eligible for EMIR reporting and send your data to the UnaVista Trade Repository or route to another one if desired.
  • Short selling 
  • Calculate your firm’s net short position in each relevant instrument and get a graphical overview of your positions
  • Consolidate your data and report to multiple European competant authorities.

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