MiFIR 3-Way Reconciliations

MiFIR 3-Way Reconciliations

Find out how you can use UnaVista's flexible toolkit to perform any type of reconciliation in our short video


UnaVista’s MiFIR 3-way Reconciliations is a multi-source reconciliation engine which allows for one or multiple parties to reconcile the transactions held by the client, UnaVista’s ARM and the regulator.

UnaVista MiFIR 3-way Reconciliation solution help firms meet a new and complex form of reconciliation. The web-based MiFIR Reconciliations solution is a flexible toolkit of functionality that helps to reduce firms’ operational and regulatory risk and improve internal processes. Firms can perform any reconciliation required whilst having the choice of delivery method and the level of customisation. The solution has been built to securely handle personal data fields in compliance with the recent GDPR.

Benefits of using UnaVista’s MiFIR 3-way Reconciliation solution

Optimising processes

  • Reduce your risk through smarter automation: Comprehensive validation and matching rules remove human error and reduce reconciliation times. 
  • Fast to onboard and easy to maintain: UnaVista can be used as a hosted service ensuring rapid on-boarding times. Regular service updates ensure you are always on the most up to date version and benefitting from the latest functionality.
  • Flexibility to work in the way that suits your business: UnaVista works in the way you need it to work. It can be hosted at LSEG’s regulated data centres, installed locally on your systems or work as a shared service (with partnerships ranging from true BPO to central utility services). UnaVista can come as an off the shelf utility or adapted to your specific needs. UnaVista also accepts and delivers data in almost any structured format you need and from as many varied sources as you need. 
  • Reference data to enrich your data: Tap into LSEG’s wealth of reference data to enrich your own including LEIs, SEDOL, MiFIR eligibility lists, ISINs and more.

Helping you comply

  • Meet your regulatory needs: Put the controls in place to meet your regulatory requirements. Our off-the-shelf MiFIR 3-way reconciliation (Customer, ARM and Regulator) allows clients to address problems before they become one.
  • Data quality assurance: Regulations now stipulate that firms have the checks in place to ensure not just the validity but the accuracy of data. UnaVista offers a data quality assurance service that goes one step further than reconciliation.
  • Real-time matching to prevent breaks before they occur: UnaVista’s flexibility allows for both real-time processing and batch. Firms can send data in real-time ensuring you can be proactive with your processing and avoid mis-matches before they go too far down the trade cycle and helping to shorten settlement times. Our instant messenger service enables users to do real-time exception investigations with a full audit trail.
  • All the workflow and reporting you’d expect and more: UnaVista enables firms to have workflow management, multiple permission groups and Chinese walls, ensuring the right information is presented to the right person at the right time. Bespoke dashboards give users the information that’s important to them.

Insight into your business

  • Increased visibility of your data: Management information dashboards and automated reports provide views of common errors, matching times, data sources and more so you can improve your match rates with every run.
  • Analytics to help you report: UnaVista can take a snapshot of your reconciliations can be taken at any time, providing ready-made reports that can be used for audits or as part of your approval process.

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