Trade confirmation matching

Trade confirmation matching

UnaVista’s Confirmations Portal facilitates the communication, affirmation and T+0 matching of post-trade details between buy-side firms and broker dealers across all asset classes.

When your counterparties all have different technical capabilities, budgets and expectations, it can be difficult to manage all your transactions with one system, especially when that system keeps changing.

That’s where UnaVista can help.


Remove the hassle of implementing multiple formats by leveraging UnaVista’s internal ETL.


Data can be enriched through using a range of static data sources, including our own SEDOL Masterfile.


UnaVista saves you time and reduces the risk of error by taking data in all market formats and normalising them into one unified format, Making dealing with low automation clients much easier.


UnaVista has a powerful and flexible matching engine that allows you to create bespoke rules and tolerances by counterparty.


UnaVista can instruct on your behalf saving you time and the cost of middleware.

Regulatory Reporting

UnaVista is an Approved Reporting Mechanism (ARM) for all MiFID eligible asset classes, enabling you to report to multiple European regulators and trade repositories all from one system without having to reformat data yourself.


Flexible dashboards give you a holistic view all of your Key Risk Indicators, including the main mismatch reasons and counterparties performance.

How UnaVista helps your business

  • 30% reduction in settlement costs
    Clients have seen a 30% reduction in settlement costs, through UnaVista’s bilateral netting of trades and sending to settlement.
  • T+0 Matching
    UnaVista can match details on T+0 across all asset classes, giving you an early view of your positions and helping you to reduce the risk of settlement failure.
  • Workflow with added benefit
    UnaVista has all the standard workflow and audit trail you would expect, but also provides fully audited transaction-based instant messaging with any individual from your counterparties, making resolving issues much quicker.
  • CCP Connectivity
    UnaVista can connect to all CCPs allowing you to save on additional technical connections and costs.
  • Rapid onboarding time
    UnaVista’s flexible design ensures your counterparties can be added in days, so you don’t have to wait for the benefits

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