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Technical Services

For more than 10 years, Palazzo Mezzanotte has chosen the A/V Service Volume to provide exceptionally high standards and personal attention for each event. This long lasting partnership combined with the deep knowledge of the spaces gives the opportunity to satisfy every customer need.

Volume is able to tailor the best solution for each client. Especially to create the perfect atmosphere for anniversaries, award ceremonies, gala dinners they offer a wide range of lighting proposals and stage light effects.

As part of this operational context, the following equipment has been made available and on request in all halls and rooms:

  • An audio system controlled by an integrated computer system
  • Projection facilities for images, presentations and data from VHS, SVHS, DVD, betacam and computer sources
  • Audio and video recording facilities
  • A control console for the multimedia and lighting systems
  • Simultaneous translation booths with wireless headphones in 5 languages
  • Technical assistance
  • Reception assistance
  • Internet connections
  • Satellite channel reception
  • Videoconferencing facilities