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Products and Services

CC&G has expanded its Central Counterparty (CCP) services to cover a broad range of trading venues and asset classes:


  • Shares, warrants, convertible bonds traded on MTA.
  • Closed-end funds, Investment Companies and Real Estate Investment Company traded on MIV.
  • ETF and ETC traded on ETFPlus.

Equity Derivatives

  • Index Futures, Index Options, Single Stock Options, Sigle Stock Futures traded on IDEM.

Energy Derivatives

  • Baseload Enenrgy Futures, Peakload Energy Futures traded on IDEX. 

Agricultural Derivatives

  • Durum Wheat Futures traded on AGREX.


  • Italian Government Bonds and Repos traded on EuroMTS, MTS, ICAP and E-mid (the latter includes also Corporate Bonds).
  • Bonds and Corporate Bonds traded on MOT, EuroTLX and Hi-mtf.
  • In addition CC&G also provides a guarantee service on the NEW MIC, Interbank Collateralised market.


  • Repo contracts traded on regulated markets and for collateral management assisted by the Collateral Management service X-COM


  • Euro bonds settling in the International Central Securities Depositories (ICSDs) Euroclear Bank and Clearstream Banking Luxembourg Brussels. 

Derivatives in brief