CC&G: History

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CC&G: History

May 2013

CC&G extends the  Central Counterparty guarantee service to the  Single Stock Dividend Futures contracts under IDEM Section.

April 2013

CC&G started to guarantee the peakload energy Futures contracts.

January 2013

Launch of the Agricultural Commodities Derivatives Market AGREX. CC&G acts as Central Counterparty creating the new Agricultural Commodities Derivatives Section.

September 2012

CC&G extends the guarantee service of Central Counterparty to the new FTSE100 Index Mini-futures contract.

July 2012

CC&G extends the Central Counterparty guarantee service to Overnight Contracts under new MIC section.

December 2011

CC&G guarantees FTSE MIB weekly Index options traded on IDEM Market.

November 2011

CC&G starts a Central Counterparty guarantee service for the Retail Bond Market Hi-MTF.

September 2011

Start of Central Counterparty guarantee services for e-MID Repo.

June 2011

CC&G provides a Central Counterparty service on EuroTLX Retail Market.

November 2010

Extension of the Central Counterparty guarantee service to contracts traded on retail market, specfically on MOT Market - DomesticMOT segment.

October 2010

Thanks to CC&G, the guarantee on e-MID Interbank Collaterallized Market (New MIC) is extended to international participants.

April 2010

CC&G guarantees Futures on the FTSE MIB Dividend Index traded on IDEM.

November 2009

Extension of the Central Counterparty guarantee service to Overnight Reopos contracts traded on MTS.

June 2009

CC&G guarantees under the Share Section the new Borsa Italiana S.p.A Market for Investment Vehicles (MIV).

November 2008

Launch of Energy Derivatives market IDEX, CC&G acts as Central Counterparty, creating the new Energy Derivatives Section.

October 2008

The new release of BCS allows Members of the Derivatives Section to automate the International Give-Up.

May 2008

CC&G, as an Ancillary System in the new payments system Target2, executes the sums that are due through direct debit of the PM Account of the Clearing Member or through the Settlement Agent.

December 2007

Release of the new sub-accounts service on IDEM, allowing Members to code and manage directly sub-accounts to segregate Contractual Position.

October 2007

CC&G becomes part of London Stock Exchange Group.

April 2007

CC&G acts as Central Counterparty for the products listed on ETFplus.

July 2006

Extension of the central counterparty service to MTA International.

May 2006

CC&G and LCH.Clearnet S.A. extend the dual Central Counterparty Clearing services on Italian Government Bonds to the BrokerTec platform.

April 2006

The BCS platform is enriched with the new fuctionality of splitting on trade date for contracts to be given up.

November 2005

CC&G is the Central Counterparty for Cash and Repo trades on Italian Government Bonds listed on MTS prior to auction, the so called "Grey market".

October 2005

CC&G is the Central Counterparty for bilateral Repo trades executed via RFQ (Request For Quote) fuctionality, available to MTS.

July 2005

The Bulk Deposit functionality is extended to short positions for stock futures.

May 2005

Activation of the 'Market Maker Sub-Account' for the IDEM Market.

April 2005

BCS: Development of the new clearing platform for IDEM market in partnership with Blt Systems.

November 2004

Activation of the "Specialist Sub-Account" for the IDEM Market.

January 2004

Monte Titoli introduces Express II, the new settlement system. CC&G adds new Central Counterparty service functionalities. The settlement guarantee fund is abolished.

May 2003

CC&G introduces the Central Counterparty service on the MTA, NM (now MTAX), TAH and TAHnm (now TAHX) in replacement of the trading fund guarantee system.

December 2002

Introduction of the Internet Clearing Workstation (ICWS).

February 2002

Agreement between MTS, CC&G and LCH.Clearnet S.A. to launch the Central Counterparty service for the Italian Government Bonds listed on the MTS and EuroMTS markets.


Borsa Italiana is the major shareholder in CC&G.


Agreement between CC&G and MATIF for the clearing of the Euribor Futures contract traded on the MATIF market.


Launch of the equities derivatives market (IDEM). CC&G is the Central Counterparty.

September 1992

Launch of the bonds derivatives market (MIF). CC&G is the Central Counterparty.

August 1992

CC&G introduces the trading and settlement guarantee funds on the Equities Markets.

March 1992

CC&G is founded.